10 questions to answer if you are considering digital signage – No.4

4. Screen size and placement

An important consideration when it comes to deploying a digital signage solution is, naturally, the screen showing your content.  Choosing the correct size is an important part of your digital signage solution.

Large screens are familiar in our homes and have been for a while now. It use to be that a 50″ screen was considered huge.

It’s now relatively common place. Our homes are generally in a smaller, cosier environment when compared with hotel foyers or retail environments.  A 40″ screen may be alright in the lounge room but will look very small in the grand foyer of a luxury five star hotel.

Some of your choice of screen size will depend on the type of content you are displaying. Screens such as flight information traditionally has lots of small text.  If you are using a screen for promotions within a shop the content you play and how this is developed is every bit as important as the size of the screen.  No point having the full technical specifications of a product appear in 10 point type font.  People won’t read it regardless of the size of the screen. In this case large images, big font and well designed content should be considered along with screen size.  A 19″ screen will still have an impact on your customer if it is placed correctly.

Resolution is another consideration when thinking about screen size.  Many, but not all, screens are true high definition (1920 x 1080 pixels).  So long as the content is made accordingly these resolution screens will provide more clarity, especially with text.

Take into consideration how long people will be in the field of view of the screen. If people are walking past the outside of a retail store a larger screen will most likely have better impact than a smaller screen.

Does the screen need to be angled for better effect? Doing so can increase the viewing time a customer may have to view your content.

Will there be any sunlight which will reduce the ability to see the screens at certain times of the day? Or badly placed reflections which may do the same. If so angling the screen can often reduce, if not eliminate this problem.

I have seen recently an installation at a retail store where the screen facing the outside of the store was ceiling mounted and the screen was eventually sitting closer to the floor that anything else. Unless you’re a 5 year old child (not the target audience for this shop) or you have your eyes in your kneecaps it lost much of its impact due to poor positioning. The content and installation finish were good but was let down with the position of the screen.

Take into consideration too where your customers will be viewing the screen from and make sure that they can read the message from where they are standing.

This is important for digital menu boards, conference information, advertising and much more.  If you cannot clearly read the message, you may need to reconsider the screen size.

I often pretend I am a customer and think where would be the best position for the screen.  Cut out pieces of cardboard to the size of screen you are thinking about and then stand where you think it will be viewed, You might surprise yourself and find the size you thought you wanted or needed is not necessarily the best.

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  1. I agree. Placement is key. If you put it in a place where people don’t even look or thinking about something else as they walk by then it is pointless.

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