Museums & Galleries

Modern museums and galleries are engaging the latest digital signage technology to present an up-to-date method of greeting and interacting with visitors. Digital display technology can make the experience more practical and interesting and can provide a platform to upgrade the customer service experience within the venue.

Deploying user-friendly interactive digital signage throughout the venue can be used to inform visitors on a variety of subjects. Aeris Concierge Cloud digital signage solution provides a customised solution for directional instructions through its efficient wayfinding abilities to direct guests to a special exhibition, event or item. Smaller screens can be placed alongside an item to provide more detail of the item on show.

Promotional content can be scheduled to be displayed on a digital LCD screen to endorse special offers, advertise the museum or gallery café and store, and highlight any upcoming events or occasions.

Touchscreens, motions sensors, buttons or even directional audio can all be used to enhance the visitor experience and bring the venue to life.