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10 questions to answer if you are considering digital signage

It all starts with a thought, a vision, an idea.  You look at a retail store with digital signage, you see a restaurant with digital menu boards or perhaps you are at a conference which uses digital directional signage to help you find your event.  Either way, you have been inspired to take the next step to find out what you need to do to get some relevant information to allow you to make a decision to purchase a digital signage system.

The next question is “Where to from here?”  There are quite well established considerations when it comes to deploying a digital signage solution.

1. Objectives, what are you trying to achieve in deploying digital signage?
2. What type of network is best for your requirements?
3. Content. What sort? How often will it be updated?, Who will update it?
4. Screen type, size and placement. Where will have the most impact?
5. Hardware choice. What is the most suitable?
6. Ongoing content strategy. Who is going to the signage “champion”?
7. Supporting the system once it is deployed, your options
8. Software choice, do I go SaaS or do I buy the software outright?
9. Expanding the system, Making sure there is room for growth.
10. Installation, A professional installation can make all the difference.

Over the coming weeks we will take each of these questions and expand on the answers. With our years of experience in digital signage Just Digital Signage has seen the market develop dramatically and customers requirements change.  The information provided here will assist you in making an informed and educated decision when it comes times to install your digital signage solution.

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