LED Video Walls


Unlike traditional 16:9 LCD panels the LED video wall option is becoming more popular as it provides the flexibility to create a display area to fill a specific area. Also by not having bezels, you can create a seamless image, unlike traditional LCD video wall panels.

Using LED signage cabinets (typically 500 x 500mm) you stack them together creating a large wall feature or even hang them from a ceiling mount either single sided or back-to-back.

Along with traditional flat panel cabinets, it is now possible to have curved and right-angle LED. These are ideal for retails to wrap around a column for that unique wow factor.

The main consideration for LED signage is the ‘pitch size’. This is the distance between the individual LED lamps and is expressed in millimetres with a ‘P’ prefix. For example, P10 is for a 10mm pitch, with P4 being a 4mm pitch.

As a guide, the required pitch is determined by the viewing distance were a 1m viewing distance is 1mm in pitch. So if a typical viewing distance is 6m then a P6 could be considered suitable.

As the cost of this technology continues to all along with the reduced pitch size options many retail designers are now considering the LED signage solution as a viable option, as it offers far more creative opportunities than traditional LCD panels.