• Media Players

Selecting the right media player to match the requirements of the digital signage solution is crucial.

An underpowered player will naturally affect the image quality.  At the other end of the scale, an over-spec’d player can add
additional unnecessary costs to the deployment.

JDS provides non-networked and networked players.

Digital signage is the perfect way to promote events and activities.  Anything from a small LCD on the reception desk at a hotel
through to using a large video wall in a sports arena allows you the opportunity to display promotional information.

What will using digital promotional signage do for you…

  • Update information quickly, which means you can respond quickly to changing events and activities.
  • Schedule promotional content which means you get advertise different content for a day of the week or even an hour of the day.
  • Create dynamic promotional content so you can attract new customers to events or activities.
  • Replace static messages with dynamic content that stands out, which means your promotions will stand out and attract customers
  • Save cost by reducing printing and distribution costs.