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A network digital signage software allows for content and messages to be displayed on digital signs according to your desired schedule.  The goal is to deliver messages at the right time and for the right audience.

JDS offers a range of software solutions that is certain to meet any requirements.  Whether it be ‘cloud’ based or self-hosted JDS has years of experience to provide feature-rich solutions.

The Benefits Of A Digital Signage Software

      • Update information in real-time, which means it will respond quickly to any changing campaigns and reduce lead-times for launching a new campaign.
      • Schedule advertising which means you’ll be able to advertise different content for each day of the week or even each hour of the day.
      • Create dynamic graphic advertising so you can draw in new customers and reinforce brand or store loyalty for existing customers.
      • Save cost by reducing printing costs.

Our Digital Signage Software OPTIONS:

DC Media software

DC Media includes the Scheduler application, the Digital Sign Creator for content authoring and a Player for content previewing.

Scheduler – The Scheduler application provides comprehensive multimedia management and playlist creation with content and playlist distribution via a host of network configurations including broadband and satellite.

Supporting over 37 content formats, the scheduler includes:

      • Comprehensive multimedia asset management
      • Multi-layered screen design
      • Date and time scheduling & day-parting
      • Integration of hardware plug-ins and live content

Digital Sign Creator – The Digital Sign Creator is a GUI driven content creator that is used to combine images, shapes, tables, audio, text and external data in order to create Digital Signage content for a variety of zone sizes and shapes.

Summary – Compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 the DC Media Scheduler enables users to easily create media-rich Digital Signage displays using a Windows-based user interface. The design architecture has ensured that users are able to build professional-looking displays easily without undergoing a lengthy learning process, and the feature-rich nature of the software enables users to expand their display capabilities as they become more familiar with the product.

New to the DC Media suite of solutionsDC Media Cloud – DC Media is now available as a cloud-based solution with powerful content and network management features. DC Media Cloud provides an easy to use browser-based interface so that you can run you Digital Signage network from a PC, Mac or mobile device without having to rely on application software.

Signagelive – Cloud-Based Digital Signage

The signagelive Digital Signage Software platform allows you to deliver rich media to virtually any device from any browser with an internet connection. It’s not just about the screens on the wall: from shelf-edge displays to video walls to the screen saver on the computer you’re reading this on, signagelive unlocks affordable messaging solutions across industries and applications.

Hardware Agnostic – We don’t dictate what you have to use to power your displays. We’ve certified dozens of boxes and add new ones all the time. PC’s, Android, Mac’s and Linux are all supported for your Digital Signage Software needs.

Cloud-Based – All you need is a display, media player and an internet connection; we take care of the rest. On-premise servers, lengthy installation and complicated licensing agreements are a thing of the past.

Simple, but Scalable – Drag and Drop in your web browser, no installation needed. Live video? Check. Video walls? Check. Multi-thousand endpoint, geographically distributed network with a mix of media players, file formats, HR and corporate messaging with dozens of administrators? Check, check, check, check, check, check….. and check.

Choose Your Own Hardware – Signagelive can run on a standard Windows-powered PC, but did you know that we also certify solid-state media players as well? Looking for HTML5-driven content? Try IAdea. 1080p video playback? BrightSign.


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