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Five reasons why you should install a Digital Directory Board

1) Self-managed Cloud System

  • User friendly software allows the digital directory board to be easily managed.
  • You can edit, delete or add tenants at any time.
  • Cloud based applications allow you to update tenant listings from any computer or mobile device with a web.
  • Secure username and password provided.

2) Modernises the building

  • Having an old style directory board can potentially bring down the appearance of the buildings main foyer.
  • Going digital bestows the extra face-lift that makes the renovation look complete.
  • Easily change the background image, colour and fonts in the event of a company or building rebrand.

3) Saves time and cost when adding and deleting tenants

  • Once saved, any changes to the digital directory board will appear within minutes.
  • Capability to automatically sort the tenant listing in alphabetical order.
  • Save the cost of sending a sign company onsite to make changes.

4) Helpdesk support

  • Full training allows maximum use of the software.
  • Helpdesk support will provide help for any technical issues and/or questions.

5) Dynamic content – news, weather, stock results

  • Digital directory boards can display a range of content including news, weather and stock exchange information.
  • Messages to tenants can be incorporated into the display, such as lift maintenance or fire drill alerts.

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