10 questions to answer if you are considering digital signage – No.5

 5. Hardware Choice…What is the most suitable?

Hardware choice can be the difference between having a reliable digital signage solution and having a potential nightmare on your hands.

Whether you have a digital menu board, a directional signage system or you’re selling advertising space, you want to make sure your message continues to get out to your clients as it was meant to.

When considering digital signage, you need to consider that in many cases the screens and media players are not local or easy to physically access.

I know we have installed media players behind screens, in custom surrounds, installed on lift wells in hotel lobbies and many more.  Some of which take 20 minutes to get to if you have to.  We certainly want to make sure anything running in these sorts of environments are robust and reliable enough to last.  We have customers with digital signage screens installed throughout Australia and New Zealand. These need to work all day every day.

Solid state media players, commercial grade computers.  Solid state hard drives and commercial grade LCD panels are all ways you can help improve the overall reliability of your digital signage system.  When it comes to digital signage the use of domestic computers, televisions and DVD players should avoided at all costs.

Consumer Televisions are generally not warranted for commercial use.  They usually do not have symmetrical bezels which are important, especially when placing the screens close to each other.  They certainly cannot be mounted in portrait mode which many digital signage customers need, and if one of your screens dies in 12 months time don’t expect to get the same model to match your other screens.  They change too frequently in the consumer world.

Consumer computers are often, big, cumbersome, and have noisy fans. Commercial computers can be built fanless, and have solid state hard drives essentially removing any moving parts. They are warranted from 1 to 5 years allowing for 24 hour operations.

The lesson here is you get what you pay for.  You are investing substantially into your digital signage solution.  Don’t spoil it by purchasing inappropriate hardware.

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5 Responses to 10 questions to answer if you are considering digital signage – No.5

  1. Great info! Hardware is such an important choice in the process.

  2. Alvin says:

    I agree with the post. There are numerous vendors who provide digital signage solutions. Although great competition exists between them, not all of them offers the best quality. One may face hardware related issues with some of the vendors. Therefore, one has to use a great wisdom and conduct a lot of survey before purchasing the digital signage.

  3. Thanks for the information. It really is helpful. Hardwares are the medium for which digital signages are displayed but I’m curious if brands for the hardwares really matter. I mean is there a preferred brand that can give better displays?

  4. Mike Parham says:

    Great article about digital sign. I like it. Thank you very much.

  5. Selbys says:

    I remember we had a customer who told us about the hassle of having a digital signage. Basically, we found out that he purchased a lower-cost digital signage which ended up costing him more to maintain than the initial purchase price. Hardware is probably the most important factor when it comes to digital signs.

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