St. Stephens Anglican Church

In an innovative effort to connect with the local community, St. Stephens Anglican Church recently commissioned an outdoor digital signage solution from JDS. This impressive communication tool is housed within a modern, branded H-frame structure, making a striking visual addition to the church’s exterior.

Central to this high-quality digital sign is a P4 single-sided LED screen. The term ‘P4’ refers to the pixel pitch, an essential factor influencing the display’s clarity and quality. With this high-resolution screen, St. Stephens can deliver sharp images and readable text, ensuring their messages are easily seen and understood by passers-by.

This large LED screen, measuring 2000mm x 1000mm, offers ample display space for multiple messages or impactful graphics. The automatic brightness control, adjusting to a comfortable 5500 nits, guarantees optimal visibility in all weather conditions, enhancing the sign’s effectiveness day and night.

Aesthetically, the P4 LED screen contributes significantly to the signage’s contemporary and polished appearance. Its vibrant, crisp display, framed by the slimline H-frame structure, blends seamlessly into the church’s facade, while its branding cements the connection to St. Stephens Anglican Church.

To make managing this digital sign effortless, JDS implemented a cloud-based software solution. This intuitive system allows the church to keep the community updated about the latest news and forthcoming events with ease.

Overall, the P4 LED screen offers a unique blend of high-quality display, visibility, and user-friendly management, providing St. Stephens Anglican Church with an effective means of communication. This cutting-edge digital signage revitalises the church’s image and strengthens its engagement with the local community.

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