LGA & Government Digital Signage Solutions

Today, more and more councils and government organisations are using digital signage to effectively communicate key information in public spaces. With an extensive range of dynamic solutions available, digital signage allows locals and visitors to your area to stay informed on what’s happening in real time, around the clock.

From vibrant LCD and LED screens that get noticed and make an impact to wayfinding interactive kiosks that provide key information at the touch of a button, there is no better way to share information and enhance customer experience of your indoor and outdoor public spaces.

Keep Your Community Informed

Digital screens are fast replacing static community notice boards as they are more engaging, cleaner and can be updated remotely in an instant, so you can be sure your information is current and accurate. Our LGA and Government digital signage solutions are commonly used to share a wide range of council news including local events, planning and building maps, waste and recycling information and EPA updates to name a few.

Information At Your Fingertips

Our interactive kiosks are the ideal way to provide locals and tourists with all the key information they need to know to enjoy their visit. From events and public transport information, to local history and maps, everything can be accessed via the user-friendly touchscreen.

Interactive kiosks can also be used for wayfinding, reserving a park or barbecue for a party or wedding, and to download tourist information brochures via a QR code.

LGA & Government Digital Signage Solutions

Enhance Your Public Space With Digital Signage

We have installed our digital signage in council and government venues throughout Australia, both indoor and outdoors. This includes:

JDS ACCA LCD Wall Screens Digital Signage
LGA & Government Digital Signage Solutions

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We can demonstrate the difference that digital signage can make, from the biggest corporations in the world to small local businesses.

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For over 16 Years, JDS continues to proudly provide services and support to their loyal and valued clients.

For over 16 Years, JDS continues to proudly provide services and support to their loyal and valued clients.

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