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Darren Rogers, MD, explains the core values of the company:

We provide the entire solution. We sit down with you to assess your needs.
We help you choose the right hardware and software.
We have it installed and then we train and support your staff once it’s up and running. It’s a complete journey, an ongoing partnership. That’s our real point of difference. We don’t switch off after the screen goes up. JDS is there with technical support whenever you might need it.

Just Digital Signage, also known as JDS, is a leading provider and innovator of digital signage solutions

JDS has been a pioneer within the digital signage industry and has seen considerable growth in the use of digital signage throughout the years as a means of a business communication solution.  Years of experience, combined with the company’s ingenuity can advise you on how digital signage can be used effectively for your business.

JDS understands that digital signage is an integral part of the marketing, communication, or information profile to ensure that a highly engaging and relevant experience is delivered.  The versatility of our digital signage solutions allows a message to be conveyed at any given time, whilst also providing the flexibility to change the message at any moment.

We streamline projects with our 7-step process, our dedicated technical, sales and project management team taking care of the critical backend work, offering a swift, professional solution for contemporary signage.

JDS has amassed hundreds of long-term clients across the retail, hospitality, government, education, and corporate sectors – Bunnings, Hoyts, Accor, Lend-Lease to name a few.  Those big name brands are a testament to our trusted end-to-end service that sets up your digital signage with 24-hour technical support to make the message come alive.

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Our 7 Step Process

Since 2006, we’ve been pioneers of the digital signage industry. During this time, we’ve streamlined
the task of selecting, installing and managing digital signage into a simple 7-step process.

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