Electronic Shelf Labels

Standing out in today’s competitive retail environment is a must, and our innovative electronic shelf labels (ESLs) will not only get you noticed, they’ll also make store management easier.

Whether you need a simple solution for pricing display or require a multi-function electronic shelf label with intelligent features, our expert team can provide advice on the best fit.
Electronic shelf labels are available in many sizes, colours and designs, and can be customised to suit your brand and requirements. We supply the highest quality digital LED shelf display strips and headers, powered by the latest technology, for a modern look and crystal clear visuals that your customers will love.

Why Choose Electronic Shelf Labels?

Electronic shelf labels not only attract attention and drive sales, they also include various functions that will streamline your in-store processes, including planogram monitoring, intelligent pricing and foot traffic tracking. The striking visual displays help you reach a vast audience of potential customers, driving growth and brand awareness of your business.

Adding a digital signage display to your shelves is a proven way to attract shoppers to stop by the target area and prolong their dwell time, leading to higher conversion rates and increased sales. The impact can be further amplified with the addition of point of sale digital signage displaying dynamic video and animation.

Electronic Shelf Labels for Retail

We provide dynamic electronic shelf labels that can be customised to suit retail stores of all sizes and types. Our modern and elegant ESLs will enhance the look of your retail outlet, providing customers with an exciting and engaging way to learn about your products.

With multifarious clips and stands to fit on different shelves and surfaces, and many sizes, colours and fit for purpose labels designed for various applications, ESL is ideal for retail outlets across all industries, from supermarkets and convenience stores to pharmacies and fashion. The vibrant LED shelf display is easily adapted to suit your products and image, providing you with a simple and innovative way to elevate your brand and business above the competition.

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Enhance Your Store With LED Shelf Display Strips

Simple to use, highly engaging and extremely flexible to suit your needs, our digital LED shelf display strips are the ideal way to make your products stand out from the crowd. Some of the key benefits of ESL include: 

Electronic Shelf Displays

ESL Displays for Maximum Reach and Efficiency

With clear, high definition images and videos on display right where your products are, you can share the key information that drives purchases in an exciting and visually appealing way. When you showcase your top brands using digital shelf display strips that are bright, modern and dynamic, it puts your products front of mind and makes the purchase decision an easy one.

Plus, with the ability to remotely control the display images on your digital LED shelf display strips, you can update pricing and product information across multiple locations in a few simple clicks. In a busy retail environment, this is a big plus, as it allows your team to spend more time delivering first class service to your valuable customers.

Technical Features of Our Electronic Shelf Labels

Are You Ready to Take Your Retail Store to the Next Level?

With our digital LED electronic shelf labels, you’ll have everything you need to create captivating in-store retail displays for your products. If you’d like to find out more about ESL and discover how it can take your store to the next level, contact our expert team or get instant access to our ESL brochure by clicking below.

Have a question? We’re always happy to help!

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