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These days, digital signs are all the rage when it comes to advertising.

They have many benefits over traditional signage, not least of which are the ease of management.
The effectiveness of which comes down to the quality of your digital signage software.
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Why Choose Us For Digital Signage Software & Media Players?

We are a leading installer of digital signage software & media players across many industries including hospitality, transport, retail and more. We have a proven method to streamline the process and reduce costs. Offering a one-stop-shop, from initial consultation through to installation and training when required.

Part of our reliability comes back to the proven seven-step process we use to ensure the quality and performance of the digital signage software & media player projects we are involved in.

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Digital Signage Software & Media Players

Digital Signage Software

Digital signage solutions are reliant on the below 4 factors for ongoing success:

Just Digital Signage Provides A Range Of 5 Specialised Digital Signage Content Management Systems (CMS) To Meet Your Specific Needs

DC Media

Cloud Digital Signage CMS. Professional and powerful, and all-round digital software solution for all content formats and multi-zone screen applications.

Concierge Cloud

Cloud Digital Signage CMS for Conferencing, Events, and Hospitality Signage

Digital Directory Boards

Cloud Digital Signage CMS for simple ongoing management of tenant listings on Digital Directory Boards.

Fusion Signage

Cloud Digital Signage CMS. Flexible and affordable all-round digital software solution.


Free digital signage CMS. Display images, videos, and slideshows to give you high-quality image playback within a local network, or by USB Update.

Digital Signage Software & Media Players

DC Media Software

Power and scalability in the cloud.

The DC Media Digital Signage CMS provides all the power and flexibility you need to run a successful Digital Signage network.
Multi-User Environment

Authorised users can upload content, build playlists, and manage players using any web browser. 
Actions within the CMS can be restricted by assigning rights such as content management, playlist approval, and network management to user groups.

Scalable Network Management

The CMS is built to support any size network from 1 player to tens of thousands of players.

Content Creation

Using the Sign Creator in the browser, users can create engaging HTML5 content compatible with all platforms supported by the CMS.


A dashboard is included with reports on overall network health, events, network status, player status, proof of play reports, and more. 

The CMS has a wide range of scheduling features including date and time schedule, day of the week, interval, interleaved, and loop list. Content can be restricted to play within a date range.

Powerful scheduling

With unrivalled remote device management, the CMS includes all the management features you need to lower cost of ownership and maintain a stable network including device reboots, remote control, and hardware monitoring.

Concierge Cloud

Visually direct patrons towards the right location. Create unlimited events and promotions with cloud-based software. Add and edit events online from any web-enabled device.

Need an effective way to guide your guests to their on-site destination?

Aeris Concierge allows you to share event, conference, and room details to ensure your patrons get where they need to go.

Designed for hotels, convention centres, and corporate venues, Aeris Concierge is a digital signage solution that allows you to visually direct patrons to the right location.

The software is simple to use and because it’s cloud-based, you can add and edit events, times, and locations from any enabled device.

With Aeris Concierge you can create unlimited events and promotions, and archive them for future use, which helps you effectively plan and share your scheduling and others.
You can add unlimited users to manage content and can include as many additional room and foyer screens as you need to be sure the information reaches all your guests.

The Aeris Interface Is Simple To Use, Even For Beginners

Your Staff Can Quickly Add Or Edit Content As Needed.

Upgrade your signage, keep your hardware.

If you already have a digital signage installation running, you can easily upgrade to the cloud. Aeris Concierge will run on any Windows-based PC.

Primed for promotion

When your screens aren’t being used for events and meetings, Aeris Concierge can run your marketing content to maximise your brand power. Promote weekend packages, new bars, restaurant specials, local shops, day spas, and much more using the dynamic digital directory board.

Free Support Service

Aeris Concierge is not just software, it’s also a service. We provide free support and software updates.

Flexible Cloud-Based Software

Our cloud-based software allows you to create and edit events online from any computer or device with an internet connection. Plus, you can add unlimited users with a secure username and password to give access to multiple members of your team

Clearly Display Diverse Content

Whatever information you need to display – room names, company names, company logos, directional arrows, floor levels and more – Aeris Concierge can handle the content load.


Simply integrate with Amadeus Hospitality or Oracle Hospitality

Integrates with Amadeus Hospitality or Oracle Hospitality Installed at 50+ Venues Across Australia and New Zealand.

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Digital Signage Software & Media Players

Digital Directory Boards

Digital Directory Boards are the all-new look, an easier way to display your tenant listing.

How It Works. What It Can Do For You. was designed with simplicity in mind. Simply log in to your account to quickly add, remove, and edit tenant details.

Via the DDB cloud server, you can connect to one directory, or save time by updating multiple directories.
Change the look of your directory with a layout designer which even lets you add your own corporate font and colour scheme. Display a tenant’s logo for the ultimate personalised branding.

The software will operate on any Windows media player device. All you need to do is connect each directory to the Internet and here’s the cool part, you can do it via the buildings Internet data or WiFi.
You can even connect using 3G if the buildings Internet is not available. Already an existing screen? No problem, any LCD screen of any size can be upgraded to

Digital Signage Software & Media Players

Fusion Signage

Fusion Signage helps businesses of all sizes and industries manage their digital signage content quicker and easier. 

JSD Fusion Software Blog Digital Signage
Built for simplicity

Fusion Signage digital signage software has and always will be: simplicity. Ensuring your experience is as quick and easy as possible when managing your digital signage network.

Intuitive interface

No need for extensive training programs; the Fusion Signage interface can be picked up intuitively. 

Cloud-based access

Fusion Signage is easily accessible to you from anywhere, anytime. The cloud-based storage allows 1GB – 5GB (depending on your licence type) of content uploads monthly per screen, which can be scaled upwards if required.

SignApps Express

SignApps Express is a free easy-to-use software bundled with IAdea media player devices designed for updating single devices via USB or your local network.

It is an easy-to-use software tool designed for beginners in content creation for digital signage.

Intuitive UI Design

Drag & drop to create customized content and select built-in template to generate layout.

Network Devices Discovery

Create and schedule playlists for all of your local devices.

Accepts Multiple Media Formats

Flexible with media content types, including PowerPoint, video, image.

Selecting The Right Media Player To Match The Requirements Of The Digital Signage Solution Is Crucial

An under powered player will naturally affect the image quality.  At the other end of the scale, an over-spec’d player can add additional unnecessary costs to the deployment.

JDS provides non-networked and networked players to suit your software requirements.

Digital signage is the perfect way to promote events and activities.  Anything from a small LCD on the reception desk at a hotel to using a large video wall in a sports arena allows you the opportunity to display promotional information.

What will using digital promotional signage do for you…

Update information quickly, which means you can respond quickly to changing events and activities.
Schedule promotional content which means you get to advertise different content for a day of the week or even an hour of the day. Create dynamic promotional content so you can attract new customers to events or activities.

Replace static messages with dynamic content that stands out, which means your promotions will stand out and attract customers. Save cost by reducing printing and distribution costs.

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