• Hotels & Venues – Hotel Digital Signage

The hospitality and hotel industry can use digital signage
in many different environments.

Displaying conference and event details in your lobby on a large electronic display can help with your event and conference management.

The digital signage will display electronic message signs and directional arrows that help your patrons and visitors to be guided to the correct area of the venue for their specific event. In addition, the LCD display can show the time, the client logo and even news & weather feed if required.  Meeting room digital signage boards display the particular event being hosted within the room. The information displayed provides up-to-date knowledge regarding the current meetings scheduled.

Hospitality Digital Signage

Promotional content can be scheduled to be displayed on a digital LCD screen to endorse special offers, loyalty programs, and hotel facilities. Screen sizes can be anything from small countertop units to large multi-screen video-walls. There are also advantages of using digital displays for cafe, bars & restaurants. Digital menu boards can have automatic day-parting to switch between breakfast, lunch and dinner menus.

Check our successful case studies of digital signage application at venues including the Park Hyatt Melbourne and the Hotel Grand Chancellor, Hobart.