5 Key Benefits Of Installing Retail Digital Signage In Your Business

These days, digital signage is no longer a ‘nice to have’ if you want to stand out from the crowd and grow your retail business – it has now become an essential way to attract, communicate and connect with customers.

While it wasn’t too long ago that only a handful of big brands featured in-store digital signage, advancements in technology and customised signage solutions have now made it accessible to all. Take a walk through any shopping centre and you’ll see what we mean! 

Digital signage brings a host of benefits for retailers. Not only does it attract attention, it also opens up endless possibilities to engage with your customers and win them over. 

So if you’re considering installing retail digital signage in your business, but are wondering if it’s the right choice, read on to learn 5 key benefits.

1) Attract traffic into your shop

Whether your shop is located in a busy main street strip, or within a bustling shopping centre, capturing the attention of passers-by is challenging. A tailored digital signage solution that matches your target customers and image can have an immediate impact on traffic and sales. We’ve helped many retailers achieve this, including the Oakley store in Melbourne Central, with its large 90” LCD displays creating an unmissable front window display in a highly competitive location.

2) Build your brand and enhance your image

With so much information vying for our attention in the modern world, brand and image is more important than ever. For customers in a retail environment, the sensory overload is real – it’s busy, bright and dynamic. There’s no doubt your logo and products displayed on cutting edge digital screens will look a cut above anything that can be produced on traditional static signage, as seen on the LCD panels and LED video wall cabinets at The Melbourne Store, located at the International Terminal at Melbourne Airport.

3) Connect, inform and entertain

There are so many possibilities for content on digital signage. From advertising special offers and events, to sharing essential information like opening hours and health and safety updates. Providing news that relate to your customers is another great way to engage them. For example, your sporting goods shop could show scores or highlights of big games, or your fashion outlet might share images from social media of celebs wearing your gear. The possibilities are endless!

4) Promote and sell your products

Of course, digital signage is also the perfect place to tell customers all about your products. Putting popular, new, impulse and seasonal items on your display alongside the key benefits, sale prices and availability, will guide your customers along the buyer journey, encouraging extra sales, including upsells, along the way. 

5) Save time, money and resources

While digital signage may require an upfront investment, it will save you and your team time, money and resources. With the ability to create, share and change content with a few taps, you no longer need to grapple with traditional in-store signage that needs to be assembled, hung and taken down weekly or monthly. Plus, the added benefits of cloud-based digital signage solution allows your content to be centrally managed, so your staff on the floor can spend more time helping customers.

Boost your brand and bottom line

It’s clear retail digital signage can boost your brand and bottom line. To start a conversation about the type of solution that can most benefit you, get in touch with our friendly team on 1300 339 873 or complete our online quote form and we’ll get back to you soon.

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