More Than Just A Digital Menu Board..

I was recently in a deli ordering my lunch from the many choices displayed on the digital menu board.  I quickly made my order and then stepped aside and waited, and waited, and waited for my order to be completed.  Whilst standing there I generally gazed around the deli smiling pleasantly at the other customers also waiting to their orders.  “Geez, talk about a captive audience” I thought to myself.  So why is it that deli and cafe owners, or even the large fast food restaurants don’t make the most of this opportunity and ‘engage’ with their customers?  Surely this is a perfect time to share what other services or specials they offer.

I know many deli’s & cafes offer catering services,  offer loyalty cards or run cooking classes just to mention a few ideas.  So why not promote these deals?  How about telling the lunchtime crowd about the amazing breakfast special available?

I remember many years ago setting up a small 15” LCD (back when they cost as much as a 40” panel today) on the counter of a local bottle shop to promote ‘free hire of glasses for your party if you purchased the alcohol here’.  The owner couldn’t believe how many regulars commented that they had no idea they even had glasses for hire.  He suddenly started hiring out a lot of glasses.

Meanwhile, back at the deli, I was passed my delicious sandwich and I did a couple of quick additions in my head.  I calculated it would have been only a slightly higher investment to add another panel in the deli to engage with their customers.  After-all isn’t that what we all want to do with our valued customers? Engage with them.

Here’s a couple of other ways you can use the ‘promotions’ screen:

  • Health tips – “have you drunk enough water today?”
  • Scrolling news headline, weather forecast, sports results
  • Community news – upcoming events
  • Special orders – Christmas hampers
  • Your website & Facebook pages
  • Items to sell – Homemade sauces

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