New Ultra High Definition Technology With Digital Signage


New 4K technology is allowing large LCD screens to display rich and detailed imagery that captures the attention of spectators and creates an intense viewing experience. The benefits of 4K also include the ability to deliver flexible content and allow a clear sharp image without any lagging that tends to happen with TV screens. 4K, also known as Ultra High Definition (UHD) has four times more detail than full HD with the added pixels bringing a new standard of definition to digital signage.

Businesses are benefiting more from the use of digital promotional signage as a tool to communicate with both its internal and external clients. As the trend of employing digital signage within the business environment continues to grow, the ability to offer clearer text and images only strengthens the benefits of UHD technology. The latest UHD technology offers outstanding picture quality that provides a platform to display influential messages and information that will attract visitors, customers or passers by attention. Essential commercial functions such as longer operational hours and portrait mode are now available alongside UHD technology for the ultimate commercial panel.



Stunning “pixel-free” ergonomic viewing –


 Delivered by an Ultra-Sharp High Definition Professional LED backlit panel.

Enhanced imaging performance – 


3840 x 2160px 4K resolution (4x the number pixels of Full HD 1080p) delivers life-like image quality. Experience a high-impact way to communicate in retail spaces, hospitality, corporate foyers or boardrooms, healthcare environments and more

Higher consumer attraction – 


People walking past the digital signage will be instantly attracted by the rich imagery and text. This will generate more interest in the digital signage display.

Differentiate from other displays – 


As 4K screens are new technology you will be able to gain a consumer edge on competitors who may have older technology. This could drive more business.

Compatible with HD content – 


Normal 1920 x 1080px content will still be able to be displayed on the 4K panels whilst 4k content cannot be displayed on 1920 x 1080 panels.

Crystal Clear Text –


 Text will not be pixelated or have any jagged edges making the display look like print. This will allow more text on a single display thus being an ideal solution for a digital directory board or information displays.


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