Retail Digital Signage

Retail Digital Signage Solutions

As a retailer, there are many benefits to installing digital signage within the store. Electronic LCD retail displays will modernise the look of the shop front and leave a positive impression with customers. Large format displays will create eye-catching dynamic advertising content that will attract in-store and passing customers’ attention, making the shopping experience come alive. Retail digital signage provides an opportunity for retailers to connect with customers in an innovative way.

The digital signage software will allow instant updating of content for an up-to-the-minute advertising and promotional activity. The flexibility of the software also permits specific messages to be displayed to audiences at various locations thus increasing audience attention and retention of your messages. There is a real opportunity to target customers with location-based information and getting promotions to store instantly.

We are proud to hold a successful track record implementing digital signage for retailers.
Check our case study for Sportgirl, Chadstone Shopping Centre; and for the fashion boutique Collins 234.