10 Questions To Answer If You Are Considering Digital Signage – No.10

10. Installation is often an aspect that is overlooked.

When discussing a digital signage project there is more to it than simply hanging a screen.

Digital signage installations need to look professional. You need to start thinking about access to power, network cables, ceiling mounts, wall mounts, custom surrounds all sorts of things.

It is important when considering a budget for digital signage that often 20% or more of project costs can be related to installation.

Screen height is important. In Australian public areas, screens must be a minimum 2400mm above floor height to meet regulations.

Think about the best position for viewing the screens and decide on whether this location is better suited to a wall mount, a column mount or perhaps a ceiling mount. As a rule of thumb ceiling brackets are the most expensive to purchase and install. Some cheap ceiling brackets look horribly industrial too.

Make sure you ask what sort of brackets are being used before you install.

Some of our installation have been in heritage listed buildings. Special care needs to be taken to adhere to the rules and regulations of these special buildings.

If you are installing into a heritage listed building chances are you are aware of the difficulties. Make sure you advise the digital signage company you are working with that they will need to consider this for the installation. It is important that the signage fits into the overall look and feel of the building.

Consider also how the screen may look from behind. We regularly install into shopping centres or hotels where the back of the screens are visible.

Cable management is essential for a professional finish and custom designed surrounds or backing panels should also be considered.

Make sure if the screen is low that people cannot turn the screen off or pull the power cable out from the screen.

When it comes to digital signage you want people to notice the screen’s content not cables and hardware needed to make it run. Don’t distract them from the message you are trying to send make sure that you allocate some of your budget for a professional installation.

This concludes the 10 blogs from this series. Time for me to rack my brains and start to think about the next series I have to start.

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