5 Reasons A Cloud-Based Digital Signage Solution Is A Smart Choice For Retail

1. Reduced Upfront Cost


One of the biggest drawcards of cloud-based digital signage is the affordability. There’s no need to invest in costly back-end servers as it’s all handled by your service provider. This makes it more accessible and affordable to smaller businesses, as the large upfront costs associated with infrastructure are avoided in favour of a flexible subscription.

Like most cloud-based software, your subscription can be billed monthly or annually, which gives you the flexibility to choose a payment option that is the right fit for your budget.

2. Flexible for Business Large and Small


The flexibility of digital signage cloud allows it to support businesses of any size. Whether you have a single screen showing a few basic images in your flagship store, or 1000 plus screens streaming HD video to your customers in venues across the globe, your subscription can be customised to suit your needs.

This is particularly helpful if you’re just starting out and want to test the waters. You can begin small, measure your results, and grow your digital signage network at a pace that suits you.

3. Easy to Setup and Use


It’s simple to set yourself up with your cloud-based signage. In fact, it can be as easy as plugging your media player into a screen and connecting to the internet.

It’s also easy to use – just log in to the cloud software CMS (Content Management System) with a secure user name and password, and you can mange and schedule your content in minutes.

4. Quality Support and Automatic Updates

Some cloud software providers offer technical support via remote access directly to your media player. This not only ensures that any issues are solved efficiently with minimal downtime, it also eliminates the need for a technician to attend on-site.

Plus, your network will always be up to date, as free software updates will automatically download to your digital signage network. This means you’ll have all the latest features and security patches, to keep your digital signage operating at its optimum. And because most cloud players cache their content locally, your content is downloaded and stored on the device itself. This keeps your content playing, even during an interruption to your network or internet.

5. Update Your Content from Anywhere

You don’t need to be in the office to update your content – anyone who has been granted permission can access the software CMS from anywhere via a PC. tablet, or even their smartphone. You can set user access at different levels for your employees, which allows them to make varying changes to the content, schedules or locations depending on their level of permission.

For example, you may give your store manager permission to access and update media players and screens within their store – while your national manager at head office has permission to access and oversee content on all screens across the network. This enables content to be current and relevant at store level, while also allowing you to control what is showing centrally at a company-wide level.

Final Word on Cloud-Based Digital Signage Software

To get the most from your digital signage, you need a simple and effective way to manage your content. With cloud-based signage you can manage your content from anywhere, so you can be responsive and keep it fresh. You can also provide your employees with varying levels of access, so you can share the load.

On top of this, the affordability and flexibility of the solution make it extremely accessible, and a great choice for organisations of all sizes.

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