Is An Interactive Kiosk A Good Fit For Your Community?

An interactive kiosk is a digital signage solution designed to provide on-demand information in high-traffic public areas. Ideal for airports, shopping centres, hotel lobbies and tourist attractions, the striking interactive screens can effectively communicate a wide range of information and perform many functions, from wayfinding and providing event details, to displaying real-time transport timetables and other third party content. It can also be linked to your website for live display of content, so if a change is made to your website, it automatically updates your interactive kiosk screen too, streamlining the process of sharing updates and information.

Today, more and more governments and LGAs are installing interactive kiosks in public areas to enhance visitor experience. So, if you’re keen to learn if this innovative digital signage solution is a good fit for your public space, read on to find out all you need to know about interactive kiosk in Australia.

What are the key features of an interactive kiosk?

Interactive kiosks include many useful features to help visitors more easily navigate and enjoy busy public spaces. A key feature is the ability to deliver dynamic and real time information in a clear and easy to navigate way. This includes the locations of nearby areas of interest, current and upcoming events, local news and other happenings that are relevant to those who use the space.

Not only is digital signage more engaging than static signs, you can also display far more information. Our interactive kiosks have a home page with icons linking to multiple targeted pages, allowing visitors to use the touchscreen to easily find the information they want. You can customise the digital signage to display the information that’s relevant to your location, such as maps with directions to help people get around, event times and locations, opening hours of shops or restaurants, promotion of competitions and special offers, sharing of news and public transport timetables, or even providing the latest weather forecast! Importantly, they are also built to last, with in-built security features for durability and prevention of inappropriate use.

How do interactive kiosks work?


In a nutshell, interactive kiosks are computer terminals featuring specialist hardware and software that delivers clear, dynamic content that can be customised to suit your audience. The touchscreen is easy to view and navigate, with a range of templates designed by JDS available to suit your needs. Icons on the home screen provide visual cues and a direct link to specific pages, and all content can be easily edited and updated remotely via your CMS user accounts. There is an advanced scheduling function available to update timely information, and the screen will automatically revert to the screensaver after a set period of inactivity.

Interactive kiosks add value and enhance the visitor experience in many diverse public places such as city centres, galleries, airports, stations, shopping centres and hotel lobbies to name a few. For example, the Sunshine Coast Council installed a state of the art interactive kiosk in the new Maroochydore City Centre development which displays Google maps, directions, public transport timetables (with live feeds showing estimated arrival times), places of interest, insights into local history, things to see and do in the area, information on local attractions, current and future project updates and much more.

Your interactive kiosk can even be thought of as an unmanned digital information screen, which can effectively support information officers in regional towns after hours, or in busy environments to lighten the load on customer service staff, allowing visitors instant access to the information they need 24/7.

Could an interactive kiosk enhance your public space?

If you are looking for an innovative and reliable way to share information with your visitors, talk to the Just Digital Signage team today to find out how our interactive kiosks can enhance visitor experience and bring your space to life.

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