Why Education Is Using Digital Signage

As the cost of entry for digital signage continues to decrease, schools, colleges and universities are starting to adopt digital signage technology and hence discovering the many opportunities digital signage can offer when it comes to communicating news and information.

So how can a school use digital signage? Here’s a list of the many ways that education can use digital signage from prep to university:

    • General announcements – Assembly dates, excursion details and other general information can keep staff and students up-to-date.

    • Homework assignments – Digital signage used within a study area can prompt students as to due dates for homework or assignments.

    • Friendly Reminders – Using digital signage in the front office to remind parents that school fee are due or have them check family details are up-to-date.

    • Community news and events – Digital signage allows the local community to share news and information about upcoming events and activities providing an ideal way for community groups to get staff and students involved within the community.

    • Emergency broadcast systems – should the unthinkable happen and it is necessary to ‘lock down’ or ‘evacuate’ the school, digital signage can be programmed to include a ‘panic switch’. With the press of a button all screens can instantly display messages and instructions.

    • Campus TV networks – Students and staff can produce & broadcast short video blogs which can be scheduled to play during the day. interviews, news about excursions or even replaying a special assembly can all be used as video blogs.

    • Interactive kiosks – With the use of a touchscreen overlay a digital signage panel can be made interactive. Ideal as a way finder for large campuses, a directory for contacting staff or as a general information portal.

    • School news and weather emergencies – General news or weather emergency information can be effective shared with staff and students.

    • Upcoming event information – Help promote the upcoming school production or music concert with dynamic images.

    • Academic event calendars – Exam times and locations, assemblies and study group details can be scheduled to display leading up to the event.

    • Sports scores – Share all the weekend sports scores. Via the signage live Message Manager the sports department can simply update the scores on the ‘sports page’ template. Once saved this information will be automatically displayed on the screens.

To bring these benefits to your institution, request a quote estimation with us. We are experienced at creation digital signage solutions for schools, universities and other types of education facilities too.

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