Why Should I Use JDS Digital Signage Software?

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These days, digital signs are all the rage when it comes to advertising.

They have many benefits over traditional signage, not least of which are the ease of management. The effectiveness of which comes down to the quality of your digital signage software. We provide easy to use digital display board software, that truly makes updating and scheduling your digital signage a breeze.

The Benefits Of A Digital Signage Software


The benefits of good digital signage software are many, such as scheduling ad or display rotation, editing signs remotely from smart devices, easily saved templates to save time and live updating. You can read more about some of these below.


Update information in real-time


Being able to update digital displays with easy to use digital sign software helps to keep your messages or advertisements relevant. Gone are the days of printing signs that are only used for a few days.

With onsite or remote digital signage software, you have 24 hour access to your digital displays. You can edit the design, content, and layout of your signage to show the message you want.

Schedule advertising


Similar to the last point, scheduled advertising is easy to manage with our digital sign software. Different ads or offers can be scheduled to run at different times of the day. Likewise, weekend specials or other regular events can be scheduled into your display schedule at the time that’s right for your business.

With good digital signage software, managing sign board displays is easier than ever. In only takes a few minutes to create and schedule an ad to suit your promotions, specials, combo deals or any other display.


Create dynamic graphic advertising


With digital signage, you can create dynamic ads to stand out and grab your viewers attention. They can be more engaging and get bigger or complex messages across to your customers or passing traffic.

Our software has a number of templates that you can access to make this easy too. You don’t need to be a graphic designer to create a snazzy ad.



In the long run, digital signage can save many businesses a lot of money with the flexibility and unlimited options they provide. The printing costs that can save can be huge. A digital sign also reduces the amount of paper your business will use through printed material.

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What Makes Our Digital Signage Software a Great Investment?


Our software comes with features that make managing signages extremely easy.
Here are a few things that we offer:

Easily Manage & Schedule Offers Display


First, we allow you to easily manage and schedule display messages. How do we do this?

Via a built-in scheduler application. The scheduler application allows you to set the date and time for displaying the signage on hundreds of screens. It supports over 37 content formats and also has various plug-ins that allow you to better manage your live content.

This app gives you a chance to get your signages on display whenever you want to and on as many screens as you choose. The multimedia management platform is also very user-friendly so it won’t take you much time to learn how to use it.

In fact, all its features are right in front of you. All you have to do is access the multimedia management back office dashboard, navigate the various options presented to you, and you’re ready to do some scheduling.

Safe Cloud-Based Storage


One of the biggest advantages of our software is that we’ve now put it on the cloud! This means that anyone who has access to the dashboard can log in to the multimedia management platform from wherever they are. This makes it easier than having to go down to the office every time just to run a program.

With our cloud-based storage, the only thing you have to do is boot up a browser, and run the Digital Signage network. The best part about it is that you can access it from any device. It’s accessible through a Windows PC, a Mac, or even a Mobile device.

Of course, we also understand that safety can be an issue in most cloud-based systems. However, we can ensure that all your information is safe due to our state of the art security system backing our program.

Our program has both aspects of safety and convenience at its disposal.

Intuitive Interface


One of the aspects of our digital signage software that we pride ourselves on is its intuitive interface. We believe in simplicity when we think about user experience. That’s why we created the program to be simple, but scalable.

What do we mean?

We offer you a program that offers drag-and-drop features making management of files easier. We also give you a live video manager, video walls manager, multi-thousand endpoint feature, distributed network, and various file formats to choose from. All of which can easily be accessed through our application.

Easy Set Up And Installation


The beauty of our program is that you don’t need to install it on your computer. Since it is a cloud-based program, you just need to access it through your browser. There is no need for program download or installation.

This saves you a lot of time from having to download a multimedia management software on every computer you have in your office. Once you create your own back office, everyone in your office that you give access to can manage the digital signages.

Over to You


Do you have a question about our cloud-based software? Or maybe you are already using it and have a story to share? We’d love to hear from you.

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