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Just Digital Signage provide Full HD and 4K commercial-grade LCD signage panels for a wide variety of uses, including LCD video walls.

Commercial LCD screens are specifically designed for operating in a portrait orientation, unlike standard Domestic TV’s which are not be able to vent the heat effectively, reducing operating life and voiding the warranty.

Why Choose Us For LCD Signage?

We are a leading installer of LCD digital signage across many industries including hospitality, transport, retail and more. We have a proven method to streamline the process and reduce costs. Offering a one-stop-shop, from initial consultation through to installation and training when required.

Part of our reliability comes back to the proven seven-step process we use to ensure the quality and performance of the LCD digital signage projects we are involved in.

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Digital LCD Signage Solutions

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Digital LCD Signage Solutions

Custom Stretch LCD Screens

Standard LCD video panels come in a 16:9 ratio, which can make things difficult if looking to install multiple screens in an existing location. Particularly if replacing lightboxes or static signage with a digital solution.

We provide custom LCD panels that can be cut down to size, to fit your specific requirements. This will allow you to display a high-resolution image in a location where a standard panel will not suffice.

Custom LCD display walls can be used if requiring a stretch LCD screen to display shelf POS. These displays can include a built-in media player to reduce clutter and messy cabling. Additionally, custom enclosures can be manufactured to include a camera for providing visual analytics.

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Digital LCD Signage Solutions

Commercial LCD Panels

All of our commercial LCD panel screens are designed to operate for longer operating hours per day compared to TV’s. Commercial displays also offer remote control via the media player. This means the screen can be set to automatically on and off each day. That can reduce concerns that may arise with staff forgetting to turn on screens or changing inputs.

We also manufacture custom powder coated enclosures in a range of colours to surround your LCD advertising screens. Custom enclosures hide any media players and cabling, providing an elegant and professional installation.

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Digital LCD Signage Solutions

LCD Video Walls

Arranging large display LCD panels into a professional LCD video wall can provide a ‘wow-factor’ to a retail store or public area. They also create a focal point to any building’s lobby or office reception.

Our digital signage software allows for multiple zone layouts on the screens to provide a range of information or images. This can  include news, weather, live TV, or Foxtel along with company promotions. Information can be arranged in a ‘zoned’ layout on your LCD video wall, to give it a more striking feature.

Video walls can be designed for any configuration. Typically starting at a 2 x 2 layout, we can customise the screen choice to fit within the available space.

Check our post on Ultra High Definition LCD.

For an information or a quote on our commercial LCD screens or video walls, simply contact us today.

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We can demonstrate the difference that digital signage can make, from the biggest corporations in the world to small local businesses.

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