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Complimentary Covid Videos

Complimentary ‘Keep COVID safe’ video content for all your digital signage owners. JDS is doing a little something to help spread the word during these difficult times.


We have created some ‘Keep Covid Safe’ video content for your digital signage displays. And here’s the good part, it’s absolutely free to anyone. Raise your hand if you’re using static JPEG files on your screens? That’s OK; we’ve all been there, it’s a quick and easy way to upload your message, but have you wondered if your digital screens are really getting the message across in an effective way?

Today is the day to see the potential of having dynamic moving content on your digital screen. We have created State Government and generic style video clips in both landscape and portrait.




Here’s the selection of portrait videos available.

Here’s the selection of landscape videos available.

Pick your state or generic video content:


Portrait or Landscape


Portrait or Landscape


Portrait or Landscape


Portrait or Landscape

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