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The Benefits Of Digital Menu Boards

The growing trend within the cafe and restaurant industry is to replace traditional marketing methods with digital technology. Restaurateurs have discovered the power of digital marketing.

What will using digital menu boards do for you…

  • Update time sensitive information quickly, which means you can instantly change the daily specials.
  • Day parting allows menus to be changed for the time of day, so that your breakfast menu will not be clogging up the options at lunch or dinner time.
  • Encouraging customers to buy higher-end menu items by up-selling with ‘special meal deals’.
  • The software allows simple changing of current pricing. This means the systems makes it easy to add, remove, or change menu items at any time.
  • Create compelling graphics and marketings so you can draw in new customers and reinforcing brand or store loyalty for existing customers.
  • Replace lone, static messages with multiple dynamic advertisements so you can promote a wider range of menu items and increase sales.
  • Save cost by reducing printing costs.

See our project for Fasta Pasta

Adelaide Entertainment Centre

To find out more about how digital menu boards can help you check Digital Menu Boards – Restaurants and Cafes.


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